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Fascination (Focused Life)

A passion to fascinate something, or to admire the interest of life. The term fascination describes interest of life. We all are way too attracted towards fascinated things, to the beauty or charm, to have a bright effects over mind. A vision towards elegance and grace of someone’s personality that fascinate one’s mind. Fascination is a vast term that captures one’s artsy. Humans are naturally allures to the positivity, grace and charm of life.

Broadly sharing your peace of mind, your own character and personality are also termed as life fascination. Observing your own self and reviewing our mistakes can fascinate you in constructive and worthy strategy. It is easy to talk but difficult to achieve. People are more focused to their success of life. Focusing one’s goal and an attempt to achieve the creativity regarding studious environment. Our power to achieve a focused and fascinated life is considered as our desires. Strong ability to explore and modify the intention is sturdy.

Our way to admire one’s qualities and to respect their ethical norms is graceful. Generally, an idea of sharing your thoughts to clear one’s doubts and motivates them to have a fit life. Building yourself in a unique way is productive to achieve fascinated life.

Fascination is observed as an inspirational ray of bright light that enhances and optimize others perception. Recognizing the certain stimulus and representing it as you is valuable. We all pass through the rough phases of life but we shouldn’t affect our life through the negativity, to change our perception towards life. Through visuals, we observe day and night fabricating hope to entity. With senses, we smell different fragrant that enhances our mood, reducing stress and generating confidence in your survival.

Boosting such things in your living may help you in obtaining fascination.

Be focused, think focused and live focused. Wish you a blessed life.

#LifeGoals #FascinateYourself #LiveHappily

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Peacefull mind (Harmony)

Peace is a calmness, a state that come across the mind with harmony. A silence with amity that creates a peace. A condition that is free from confusion, dilemma and disturbance. Peace is not just related to mind, it is a shape provided by unity and love to produce a healthy lifestyle. Tranquility of mind and inner peace establish a human life fit with the external environment. Human mind is directly proportional to the outside environment and its impact on the brain that respond with present situation.

A disturbance, noise and agitation that deteriorate the peace and mental condition, has an inadequate and unsatisfactory impact on brain. Its like a pressure cooker which has a pressure on individual body. An unusual affairs, family problems cause restlessness in mind. At liberty and unconfined position of mind that produce irregular judgments, thinking and perception has built a dismissive and obstructive knock on individual life. This negativity design your mind towards negative thoughts and it interfere the way you think, sleep, eat. Hence it distract life missions and achievements.

Our mind is designed to perform a set of functions which include awareness, intelligence, understanding and sense of thought. Brain is involve in noncognitive as well as cognitive aspects. Non cognitive include instincts and emotions where as cognitive is involved in imagination, thinking, perception, intelligence etc.

Our concept related to mind is always different concerned with the environment they live in. Environment has a considerable impact on their mental health. Some sees things as positive as they can and creates special life terms, others lives in the darkness of fatalistic and manic life. Certain stimulus from the domain and your response towards them may cause exaggeration. The exaggeration fabricate your life dismissive and unenthusiastic, making it too shady to live in. Consistency in the course of life assemble the soul in a unique way.

Certain steps or guidance towards peace of mind include the natural effect of environment and enjoying walks with close relative create a perfect harmony in the tone of peace. Accepting unwanted situations lead us to peaceful mind. Deep breathing may construct a better role in life of ease. Concentration to family or friends may reduce anxiety and stress from mind. Imagining some thing beautiful bring optimistic change in mind. Imagination is novel related, you cover your thoughts in a book of mind and create something special.

Some people find peace in living alone. Knowing your ideal and true self makes it easy to find peace. Changing your thoughts, improves peace of mind. I heard it somewhere “find your peace within yourself and the heaven will open up itself’ & this really works, Finding peace in your true self is the first step towards happy life. Thus, give peace, get peace and stay peaceful.

#StayPositive #LivePositive #PeacefulMind

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Survival (Distraction of life)

Survival is another name for existence from any difficult situation in life. Another name for survival is continuity or abidance, to stay alive in even at death door. An act to live in fear of resilient situation is a better way to explain survival. Distraction is an absence of concentration to something or someone. It begins from a distracted or forgetful state of a person. Distraction happen due to many factors including inattentive or unable to focus, health or mental stress etc.

Humans need food, air and water for their survival. Life goes with the need of our life. It depends on the priorities you choose. The choice we live with, is basically the survival of our life. Everyone survive differently. Some people eat and drink, others are affected by the mental and physical states, yet they have to stay alive. Dying is easy, living life is difficult and this is what we called survival. We need existence for our survival. Humans adopt different lifestyle according to their environment. Some try to learn and live, while other stay tuned. Hence, it depends on the life we live to survive.

A situation with no choices becomes a survival. Running in the field of life with future plans become life survival. People work with survivorship achieve their life objectives and target their specification. Realizing what you want is the first step towards survival. It becomes the distraction of life. It is sometime named as a state related to mind. Starting a new life after a breakdown is also called survivorship. Worrying or feeling anxious about life goals makes it difficult for an individual to survive, distracting a peace and silence of mind.

We all are fighting and struggling to achieve our purpose in the long race of life. Making efforts to get employment, earning income, survival in a mortality is all our ambitions. Resisting exhausting, painful, worrisome and challenging circumstances with no joy and honor is reflected on humanity. It arrives with the conflicts and to overcome with it, is all you can gain. Facing them with a confidence is main intention of an individual. Staying aimless is what lowers the chances of surveillance.

We all knows that we have to live till the time deaths occur. So why not to stay positive, thrilled, hopeful, excited and inspirited. Survival is easy with the positivity of life. It makes us want to gain more and lose less in life. All humans have to survive either in a righteous way or in inferiority. Selecting the right option is up to your mind.

Hence think right, live rightly and feel alright.

#FocusOnSurvival #LifeGoals #StayAliveInRightWay

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Music (Chords of life)

Music? It is a theme or melody. A chords that touches heart. A passion for life. Devotion and affection to an individual. A word or sensation for someone, link with present, past or future of life. It is a pathway to express yourself in a unique way. It is the combination of sound embraced together to form an interesting, lively entertainment. A unique way of music touches souls which may energizes people to dance. Music can be played by different musical instruments including guitars, bow springs, keyboard etc.

Music is a world for mankind. It exist in their passion. They feel the flow of life with it. It shapes your thoughts, when you are alone. It connect your brain with different behavioral acts as well as your speech, memory and reward. Sometimes, it creates and re-energize your brain in a way that is left dormant. It has ability to elevate your mood, turn you excited, make you relaxed and calm, hence, it control mood swings too.

Music fabricate memories i-e positive along with negative ones too. Positivity is the energy that music build in your mind with the flow of music whereas negativity is somehow related to past. You view back to your memory existed in the past. In several case, it pleased you with the gaze that the tough time has passed away. Music relieve the negativity of emotion in the course of music.

Music consists of several tones, melody, sounds tracks that made a song. Its harmony consists of discrete pitches that makes up the song. Each countries has their own cultural songs. A lullaby for babies to soothe them. Its key is a trigger to brain, enabling the memories to sneak back in your mind. You went in the flow of past or towards the future. It peaks back to the familiar sounds of life, creating pleasurable activities in mind which is soothing and joyful. It overwhelm the emotional activity of brain involuntarily. It reduces our anxiety and stress related situations in mind. Some people sleep with music due to their influence on brain.

Music work in a way when the other languages are failed to acknowledge you. Its an art of entity. It changes our mind perception and produce some ill affects that are overthinking, sadness, aggression, depression initiating negative effects. Listening too loud music cause severe medical problems like hear loss. Everything is good when not used in excess form, so listening to limited time may ease mind. It assures you fitness and healthy wellbeing. Some people dance in the flow of music, performing bodily movements in the flow of rhythms.

Listen to enthusiastic music. Live well, think well & feel well.

#MusicLife #ChordsOfLife #HaveAHappyLife

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Roads (Pathway of Life)

Roads are designed to form a route or pathway to move from one place to another, often use in travelling of life. There are two or more lanes consists of road. Road is the source through which you pass to a specific destination of life. Roads can cover bridges, streets or tunnels in our environment. That is the public view of roads in our world. But the question arise here is what are the roads of life?

Our life pathways are connected to the world, nature and community people. We all humans are directly or indirectly connected to each other at different passage of life. Our creator Allah tied us connected to the nature, society and people. Rope of our life is interlinked with all the roads, we pass by. To establish a new beginning, we have to travel all way. Travelling is fun, joy and life. It refresh and boost energy in mind of humans. People run to dissimilar pathways to achieve their goals. A unique line of pathway strengthens and contribute you charm of life. Charm in roads of life heals a person soul with all the negativity that runs in their mind.

In a pathway of life leads to path of success. We meet people temporarily or permanently. Some stays and other left from our life. Actually, there is no factual path of life, we all are forging our own paths to create certainty in life, making some happy moments, good or bad choices, fabricating difficulties , precising our life goals specific to one point. All these are present in a track of survival. In a regular course, achieving something may join you to the roads of success.

Basically, it is the purpose of life and death. To attain our purpose we must pass through the roads of dark reality, an unwanted intensity of life. You have to pass through harsh wooden trees, with the shadow of dull life. Our survival is based on earth and its environment where evolution of science occur with time. All the modules on earth of life empower us with spirituality with the time goes on. The durability is concerned with opposition of one’s choices.

Human are departed towards the air of domain to revive himself and its the stimulant of natural life. The direct habitual life is affected by the course of action taken by the discrete alley of life.

What is the end of pathway of life? It is death, demise or expiry is the climax. Its a walk of reality to the entity on road of life. Its direction include some suffer condition and narrow tracks. But once they are passed, it becomes past. It’s over.

#HappyDay #HappyLife #HappyRole

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Secret (A Hidden Truth)

We all have some unexplained situation, a hidden realities, unsolved position in our life we kept as protected as possible, known as secrets of our life. Secrets are unique in their own ways. Everyone have different level of secrets in their life which they want to kept hidden.

Secret is a term use to describe the privacy of life from public. It may be a knowledge about a specific person or things or story related to their life. It is something which should be kept out of sight from others. If you don’t want to share your life terms and keep it confidential, then it becomes a secret. People of specific mindset tends to believe on a life that is based on him and his secret , coexistence of disclosure.

Some people consider it as an act of deception. An act of lie, hiding your truth is not calculated positive. To secure and keep your secrets is wisdom, but if you expect others to keep them, its foolish. A power of sharing oneself with your close circle including family and friends is dignitary. Covering your life in a cage of secrets is darkness. Its okay not to share your views all the time but at some point, it needs to be expressive to built a delightful personality.

Keeping your personality secret is an unintentional process. Our personality includes thoughts, feelings, emotion and character. It is unconscious state where you don’t usually know how and when to express yourself. Limited to your own self lowers a self esteem and your own well being. Some people keep themselves as hidden due to the fear of being judged by others.

It comprised of a relation between society and person controlled by certain secrets regarding life or death. Identity of a person include their beliefs, thoughts and personality. You are identified by a qualitative personality and if it based on secrets, then it might have a negative impact on the society. Sharing your beliefs is also considered as a positive personality. Keeping oneself limited to secrets is optimistic.

A secret person lives in dark and lonely places. They don’t have much to talk about, with others. They are most often less expressive and emotionless to others. They are reserved, limited, silent and taciturn. On the other hand, a healthy person is open to express feelings and have a frank, sincere personality. They have positive, joyful emotions and have a warmth in their nature.

#GoWithFlowOfSecret #PromotingIdeaOfLife #LifeStyle #Secrecy

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Fame of a Muslim People.

Being a Muslim, I think a word fame is not narrate to define us. Okay! What is fame? We define it as “celebrity , stardom, popularity”.

Muslim follows Islamic culture as well as Islamic tradition of life. Our lifestyle knot is tied by a religious culture, bounded by specific limitation of Islam. Our way of thinking, norms, political opinions and religious views are different due to religious environment we grew up in.

We Muslims are more attached to our peace of mind and fame is not worth the peace of mind we often sacrificed. That’s why fame should never be the goal of our life.


This is what our religion taught us.. And on the top of it, we fear Allah.. We fear to cross our limitation and boundaries in the process of achieving fame, so yeah fame is not described for our community.


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Frustration is a negative emotional response of a human life associated with anger, defeat, annoyance and disappointment. It usually arise in a situation, when you are unable to achieve your goals. Losing your temper or giving up on life is considered as a frustrated state of human. Not attaining positivity and energy to fight with the darkness of frustration is normal in this state. It includes the prevention of progress in success, anxiety, sad feelings and disappointed reaction of person.

A constant shape of disappointment and negative emotion leads to a frustrated state and it dulls the person energy, making them inactive and indolent mood. It arises from an insecurity and unreliability that creates a sense of inability to fulfill certain desires, denying the reality of facts. Burdens in a lively conditions may create a negativity. Some unresolved situations are the backbone of frustration. Anger may results in such displeasure and irritability, thus generating an aggressive response. Aggression may cause the violent behavior, attacks or forceful confrontations.

Image result for frustration

Some environmental factors can exaggerate the person emotion, negativity mixing it with a frustration and fabricating an emotional breakdown of a person which might be based on harsh reaction. Noise pollution like traffic jam or classroom noise, unwanted fights with loved one, ignorance, fear, loneliness rude behavior or hatred of a society has direct impact on a person mind. A frustrated person always feels miserable and alone, dipped in an ocean of sadness.

Frustration is not a single term, it is a wide collective set of emotion that lowers the level of dopamine (A happy hormone in a human body, creating a pleasant emotions) in a body appearing as a fatal intensity in a mood. Interruptions to such person may trigger their frustration. Describing a frustrated person is limitless, thus they stays in a dark well of water, where deep down there is just an emptiness. An empty shell without any soul may be the right words for a negative person.

Building a compassion and clarity in a mood may specifically treat a frustration. Listening to them non defensively may lower their urge of aggression and frustration. Giving attention and focus generate the pleasant emotion in their life. Therefore providing a certain space to them may build their trust upon themselves. Talking to a person you trust, may clear your doubts and recognize the reality about thing we cannot change will have a positive influence to end frustration. Expressing your thoughts or feelings will end the undesirable bitterness.

Nowadays, when the world is too busy in developing new technologies, businesses, we humans are stuck in a blocks of negativity and mental stress which is difficult to relieve. Forgetting and forgiving will simply finish life problems in a beautiful manner. Health, happiness and success is the main goal to achieve a healthy life. Self care is important in a long run of life. Spending time with positive people will boost your energy.

Be happy, stay calm and worthy.

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Nature (True Beauty)

Nature. “fitraat” is a broad term regarding life and death. Nature can be a person’s life, perspective, feelings, character, environment. It is the concept of life including different aspects of a person’s life. Allah is the creators of nature and the elements in it. Nature is a human need, it is mental peace, an emotion for a person, a feeling to a natural view.

Nature is a real beauty if it is a related to person, world or life. If the nature of a person is positive, their surrounding or environment will be positive as well. But if the gesture of a person regarding their nature is negative, then their environmental affects will also be negative. So nature has a relevant affect on human life, whether it is a person nature.

Nature; Things around us that are not human made is actually our natural environment.

On the other hand, if the natural environment or weather is evergreen and shady, it has a direct impact on human nature, causing freshness and a change in mood, boosting a person nature. If the nature is pollutant and dull, it has cynical effects on a human nature. Nature is the lifeline of our life creativity.

Nature is a real beauty of life. It is alive, reproductive and moving. Beauty is traditionally considered as justice, truth and goodness. Spreading a positive vibes create a positivity in the nature of life. Being in nature reduces stress, fear, anger and create a pleasant mood. People are taking more energy from nature and its perspectives making life more productive and useful.

Thus, have a happy life with a nature.

#HumanLife #WithHappyNature #SpreadPositiveVibes

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