A word confusion? Have you ever heard of a state that relate you with confusion? It is an uncertainty about what is happening around you. A state that unclear your doubts. A state that exists inside you but you can’t actually explain it, that is what called confusion.

It is associated with mental condition where you don’t understand, the situation happening around you. You may be confused and disoriented in some current circumstances. It might be difficult to pay attention to a society. It is sometimes after an emotional breakdown that lead you to a confused or neutral state. You may feel okay but you are not okay actually.

Some explain the state of confusion with an environmental impact. Yes! Environment is directly and indirectly related to your mental health . So when you are in confuse state or unable to think clearly , there is an indirect impact of environment on your state of mind. It is accompanied by behavioral changes which may express as in aggression, overexcitement or somehow expressionless.

Detaching yourself from normality is confusing. The complexity’s of the brain and mind is referred to as disorientation of mind. It disturbs a person’s sleep cycle, eating habits, behaviors, appetites, working activities, hence a complete disturbance in a lifeline. Imbalance in thoughts of life is a disable activity of confused a person. Self-impression and self-image in a confuse state is different with person’s perspective.

Start focusing life in a proper orientation regarding your goals of life. So calm yourself first, breath 5 times and go with the flow of your emotions. Think Clearly, live clearly and work clearly. Because being clear is always attentive than an unclear state.

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