Adventure. An escape from risky situations

Adventure is to seek new things, concerned with unusual, risky situations, a challenging situation, and an experience filled with excitement. It’s a bold step of life where you challenge your own fears with certain risks. Human nature is filled with uncertainty of life. They usually go for the easy choices but the adventure is the opposite of it. You go against your own battle to beat your own choices. Exploring yourself with extraordinary circumstances may express a daring escape. However I consider, an escape from reality is an adventure. (Try your own escape)

It’s an up down situation including travelling, daring life plans, towers, hiking or some other bold steps , depend on the priority of one’s choices. One narrates adventures as, where you try to run towards the peak of the mountains (cliff adventures) you go for hiking, attempt new things in life. Passing away from new things might explain an escape of adventure. rationalizing yourself and your certain fear, admitting the situation and a bold step to overcome the distress denote an adventure of life. Some encounter also represent itself as a trail of adventures.

We all are in constant run of life. Things are getting in our way to stress us out with different deadly incidents. If it tires you, lets make a pause. Pause in life is sometimes necessary to achieve an adventure. Its not usually the exciting things that built adventure but in certain days, adventure can be a practice in pause. Execute with the plans of making a pause. When you are frustrated or in doubts, practice the pause. It can expertise your skills in attaining adventure.

Due to limited resources some people live with no adventure type life and it is unsatisfying, disappointed and unhappy situation. Adventure is short term event but loaded with stunts, excitement and reckless behavior. In my words, adventure is unusual things, something away from my fitness and right level of line. It makes you somewhat strong and yet terrifying to tame it. Adventure is beautiful experience with some bold lessons. Every day is a new day and it starts with a new determination with new lessons usually learnt from the adventures.

Life is a book in which you are the author and remember you write every second of it with your choices and your experiences. Its always filled with what you feel and for what you live for. So lets be in an adventurous life with full of boosting energy to tackle it with the words you yourself feel. Its boring to live with same tone and routine of life thus adventure is important for the story and destination of your life to reach the climax. Try new things and experience the new you with every learning day that create somewhat adventurous things. Through Adventure, we achieve the treasures of life. For some it might be experience’s of their life, for others it is unique, however the meaning of adventure is disparate.

Lets focus on adventurous life to make a unique and distinctive changes in life. Feel the escape of adventure, live adventurously and design adventures.

Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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