Almost There. We use it in our daily life


We all hear different words in our daily life. We communicate through many linguistic skills which include symbols, words, phrases, etc. Here I want to share my thoughts on the single word “almost”. We use it in our daily life with different phrases.

Almost is not just a word, it’s a predetermining state we all pass by. Almost define itself as it’s a second away to happen, nearly to happen, or one step behind completion. For example, we say, almost there? almost reached? It feels like it’s about to happen but not exactly happened. In a gentle way, it can change the whole story. A condition in between sensible and absence state. I narrate it as a ‘way to reach towards destination’. The destination is the target and goals of one’s life. Basically, it’s the end of one’s journey. Being in a state of almost means things are changing, evolving, or occurring.

I am almost there but I am not there. Have you ever observe how we all pass through almost? Because almost is not quite, not exact. It expresses much of the phrase with just the inclusion of ‘almost; Just as ‘I am almost happy’. Some levelized it as a “75% done”. This is dangerous as it has a way back to 1% and can turn back in any second, depend on the circumstances where it is said.

Almost in a phrase is confusion because it hasn’t happened yet. I heard it somewhere that strong people are those who live with the decision of ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ whereas the most dangerous people are the confused ones who live in between yes and no. The category almost exists in between yes and no, a doubtful state. It is a presence in between absence and presence. For a single life, this almost can cause a big mess, a turning back. ‘I feel this almost description, I was closer to my almost destiny but it’s still almost’.

It’s better to be accurate and specific rather than confused. Accuracy is important in our life purposes. Hence don’t be in almost any type of situation. Almost is unpredictable and practically a borderline. Therefore focus on you’re almost and try to reach the level of almost that completes you.

“It’s almost finished”.

Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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  1. That was an awesome and an indepth article about the small word almost…🤯..
    Today i realized that small word can also have deep meaning and great stories

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