Imran Abbas launches charity drive with Turkish Actors.

Actor Imran Abbas has been appointed by the Turkish government as Goodwill Ambassador to Pakistan.
“I am proud to have been chosen by the Turkish government and its Ministry of Religious Affairs and Integrity,” the actor wrote on Instagram.
He said his delegation, accompanied by Turkish actors, would visit Tanzania and other African countries this week. The charity drive will provide water and food to those facing basic needs. In addition, work will be done to rehabilitate the poor education system.
Photo: Imran Abbas / Instagram
In addition, thousands of copies of the Koran will be provided to Muslims, the actor said.
Several showbiz stars, including actress Reema Khan, who worked with Imran Abbas in the Ramadan transmission, congratulated the actor on the award.
Last week, Imran Abbas won the hearts of fans by performing Barda Sharif, an ode shot in the streets of Turkey

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