Music that touches the heart

Music? It is a theme or melody. A chords that touches heart. A passion for life. Devotion and affection to an individual. A word or sensation for someone, link with present, past or future of life. It is a pathway to express yourself in a unique way. It is the combination of sound embraced together to form an interesting, lively entertainment. A unique way of music touches souls which may energizes people to dance. Music can be played by different musical instruments including guitars, bow springs, keyboard etc.

Music is a world for mankind. It exist in their passion. They feel the flow of life with it. It shapes your thoughts, when you are alone. It connect your brain with different behavioral acts as well as your speech, memory and reward. Sometimes, it creates and re-energize your brain in a way that is left dormant. It has ability to elevate your mood, turn you excited, make you relaxed and calm, hence, it control mood swings too.

Music fabricate memories i-e positive along with negative ones too. Positivity is the energy that music build in your mind with the flow of music whereas negativity is somehow related to past. You view back to your memory existed in the past. In several case, it pleased you with the gaze that the tough time has passed away. Music relieve the negativity of emotion in the course of music.

Music consists of several tones, melody, sounds tracks that made a song. Its harmony consists of discrete pitches that makes up the song. Each countries has their own cultural songs. A lullaby for babies to soothe them. Its key is a trigger to brain, enabling the memories to sneak back in your mind. You went in the flow of past or towards the future. It peaks back to the familiar sounds of life, creating pleasurable activities in mind which is soothing and joyful. It overwhelm the emotional activity of brain involuntarily. It reduces our anxiety and stress related situations in mind. Some people sleep with music due to their influence on brain.


Music work in a way when the other languages are failed to acknowledge you. Its an art of entity. It changes our mind perception and produce some ill affects that are overthinking, sadness, aggression, depression initiating negative effects. Listening too loud music cause severe medical problems like hear loss. Everything is good when not used in excess form, so listening to limited time may ease mind. It assures you fitness and healthy wellbeing. Some people dance in the flow of music, performing bodily movements in the flow of rhythms.

Listen to enthusiastic music. Live well, think well & feel well.

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Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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