True Beauty of Nature

Nature. “fitraat” is a broad term regarding life and death. Nature can be a person’s life, perspective, feelings, character, environment. It is the concept of life including different aspects of a person’s life. Allah is the creators of nature and the elements in it. Nature is a human need, it is mental peace, an emotion for a person, a feeling to a natural view.

Nature is a real beauty if it is a related to person, world or life. If the nature of a person is positive, their surrounding or environment will be positive as well. But if the gesture of a person regarding their nature is negative, then their environmental affects will also be negative. So nature has a relevant affect on human life, whether it is a person nature.

Nature; Things around us that are not human made is actually our natural environment.

On the other hand, if the natural environment or weather is evergreen and shady, it has a direct impact on human nature, causing freshness and a change in mood, boosting a person nature. If the nature is pollutant and dull, it has cynical effects on a human nature. Nature is the lifeline of our life creativity.

Nature is a real beauty of life. It is alive, reproductive and moving. Beauty is traditionally considered as justice, truth and goodness. Spreading a positive vibes create a positivity in the nature of life. Being in nature reduces stress, fear, anger and create a pleasant mood. People are taking more energy from nature and its perspectives making life more productive and useful.

Thus, have a happy life with a nature.

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Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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