Tips for the Peaceful mind.

Peace is a calmness, a state that come across the mind with harmony. A silence with amity that creates a peace. A condition that is free from confusion, dilemma and disturbance. Peace is not just related to mind, it is a shape provided by unity and love to produce a healthy lifestyle. Tranquility of mind and inner peace establish a human life fit with the external environment. Human mind is directly proportional to the outside environment and its impact on the brain that respond with present situation.

A disturbance, noise and agitation that deteriorate the peace and mental condition, has an inadequate and unsatisfactory impact on brain. Its like a pressure cooker which has a pressure on individual body. An unusual affairs, family problems cause restlessness in mind. At liberty and unconfined position of mind that produce irregular judgments, thinking and perception has built a dismissive and obstructive knock on individual life. This negativity design your mind towards negative thoughts and it interfere the way you think, sleep, eat. Hence it distract life missions and achievements.

Our mind is designed to perform a set of functions which include awareness, intelligence, understanding and sense of thought. Brain is involve in noncognitive as well as cognitive aspects. Non cognitive include instincts and emotions where as cognitive is involved in imagination, thinking, perception, intelligence etc.

Our concept related to mind is always different concerned with the environment they live in. Environment has a considerable impact on their mental health. Some sees things as positive as they can and creates special life terms, others lives in the darkness of fatalistic and manic life. Certain stimulus from the domain and your response towards them may cause exaggeration. The exaggeration fabricate your life dismissive and unenthusiastic, making it too shady to live in. Consistency in the course of life assemble the soul in a unique way.

Certain steps or guidance towards peace of mind include the natural effect of environment and enjoying walks with close relative create a perfect harmony in the tone of peace. Accepting unwanted situations lead us to peaceful mind. Deep breathing may construct a better role in life of ease. Concentration to family or friends may reduce anxiety and stress from mind. Imagining some thing beautiful bring optimistic change in mind. Imagination is novel related, you cover your thoughts in a book of mind and create something special.

Some people find peace in living alone. Knowing your ideal and true self makes it easy to find peace. Changing your thoughts, improves peace of mind. I heard it somewhere “find your peace within yourself and the heaven will open up itself’ & this really works, Finding peace in your true self is the first step towards happy life. Thus, give peace, get peace and stay peaceful.

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Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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