Pathway of better Life

Roads are designed to form a route or pathway to move from one place to another, often use in travelling of life. There are two or more lanes consists of road. Road is the source through which you pass to a specific destination of life. Roads can cover bridges, streets or tunnels in our environment. That is the public view of roads in our world. But the question arise here is what are the roads of life?


Our life pathways are connected to the world, nature and community people. We all humans are directly or indirectly connected to each other at different passage of life. Our creator Allah tied us connected to the nature, society and people. Rope of our life is interlinked with all the roads, we pass by. To establish a new beginning, we have to travel all way. Travelling is fun, joy and life. It refresh and boost energy in mind of humans. People run to dissimilar pathways to achieve their goals. A unique line of pathway strengthens and contribute you charm of life. Charm in roads of life heals a person soul with all the negativity that runs in their mind.

In a pathway of life leads to path of success. We meet people temporarily or permanently. Some stays and other left from our life. Actually, there is no factual path of life, we all are forging our own paths to create certainty in life, making some happy moments, good or bad choices, fabricating difficulties , precising our life goals specific to one point. All these are present in a track of survival. In a regular course, achieving something may join you to the roads of success.

Basically, it is the purpose of life and death. To attain our purpose we must pass through the roads of dark reality, an unwanted intensity of life. You have to pass through harsh wooden trees, with the shadow of dull life. Our survival is based on earth and its environment where evolution of science occur with time. All the modules on earth of life empower us with spirituality with the time goes on. The durability is concerned with opposition of one’s choices.

Human are departed towards the air of domain to revive himself and its the stimulant of natural life. The direct habitual life is affected by the course of action taken by the discrete alley of life.

What is the end of pathway of life? It is death, demise or expiry is the climax. Its a walk of reality to the entity on road of life. Its direction include some suffer condition and narrow tracks. But once they are passed, it becomes past. It’s over.

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Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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