Survival from any difficult situation in life

Survival is another name for existence from any difficult situation in life. Another name for survival is continuity or abidance, to stay alive in even at death door. An act to live in fear of resilient situation is a better way to explain survival. Distraction is an absence of concentration to something or someone. It begins from a distracted or forgetful state of a person. Distraction happen due to many factors including inattentive or unable to focus, health or mental stress etc.

Humans need food, air and water for their survival. Life goes with the need of our life. It depends on the priorities you choose. The choice we live with, is basically the survival of our life. Everyone survive differently. Some people eat and drink, others are affected by the mental and physical states, yet they have to stay alive. Dying is easy, living life is difficult and this is what we called survival. We need existence for our survival. Humans adopt different lifestyle according to their environment. Some try to learn and live, while other stay tuned. Hence, it depends on the life we live to survive.

A situation with no choices becomes a survival. Running in the field of life with future plans become life survival. People work with survivorship achieve their life objectives and target their specification. Realizing what you want is the first step towards survival. It becomes the distraction of life. It is sometime named as a state related to mind. Starting a new life after a breakdown is also called survivorship. Worrying or feeling anxious about life goals makes it difficult for an individual to survive, distracting a peace and silence of mind.

We all are fighting and struggling to achieve our purpose in the long race of life. Making efforts to get employment, earning income, survival in a mortality is all our ambitions. Resisting exhausting, painful, worrisome and challenging circumstances with no joy and honor is reflected on humanity. It arrives with the conflicts and to overcome with it, is all you can gain. Facing them with a confidence is main intention of an individual. Staying aimless is what lowers the chances of surveillance.

We all knows that we have to live till the time deaths occur. So why not to stay positive, thrilled, hopeful, excited and inspirited. Survival is easy with the positivity of life. It makes us want to gain more and lose less in life. All humans have to survive either in a righteous way or in inferiority. Selecting the right option is up to your mind.

Hence think right, live rightly and feel alright.

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Taniya Khan

I review realistic point of views.. Things can be funny, joyful or illogical but it should be based on facts and truth. Have a happy mind.. Think positive, write positive, live positive.

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