Will Meghan return to her father-in-law to attend Prince Philip’s funeral?

Since the death of Prince Philip, there has been renewed speculation about Meghan Markle as to whether she will attend her father-in-law’s funeral.

Will Meghan attend her father-in-law’s funeral?

Meghan Markle is currently undergoing her second pregnancy and will remain in the United States on doctor’s instructions. According to doctors, Meghan Markle and her husband Harry are expecting a baby girl and that is why the doctor has banned them from traveling. However, Harry will attend his grandfather’s funeral on April 17. And according to reports, only family members will be able to participate.

Why is Meghan Markle being talked about?

Meghan Markle and her husband resigned from their royal responsibilities on January 7, 2020, returning their royal honors and leaving home for the United States. Later, in Opera Winfrey’s most popular show, Meghan made some of the most serious revelations about the royal family, in which she said that the people of the royal palace targeted her and treated her rudely. She was forced to think of suicide and for this reason she took the extreme step of leaving home.

“There is a gap in the relationship”

In the same interview, when Harry was asked about his relationship with his brother, he said that the relationship has come a long way. I hope time will fix it.

According to Surgeon Major (Prince William and Harry’s mentor), their feelings are similar. They share the grief now that their grandfather has passed away. I think this is an ideal opportunity. I hope it is possible to resolve any differences. “

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